Building websites and applications to make lives better for residents of Miami-Dade is no easy task. You might have a great concept, but no real sense of how people might use it. You might have an amazing start to an application, but no one can figure out how to navigate it. Getting real, meaningful feedback from actual users can be a time-consuming, challenging process.

That's where CUTGroup Miami and our community of testers come in. We will work with you to design a usability test, select a group of users for testing, and help run the session at a public computer center or library in a Miami neighborhood.There is no cost to developers for this service, and we all get to break out of our studios and meetup rooms, and directly engage with the people we seek to serve.

The results of all CUTGroup Miami testing will be published, so that we can all learn from each other's work. We'll document our sessions, respecting the privacy of CUTGroup members, while making sure we can all learn from what they have to say. We all publish our code, and now we can all publish reactions to our code.

This is a new service funded by the Knight Foundation in a growing suite of tools for civic innovation.